Articles:  newspapers and journals

Hooley, Diana (February 2019).  Remembering Elma.  The Idaho Magazine.

Hooley, Diana (December 22, 2018).  Read Books to Expand Your Mind.  The Idaho Falls Post Register.

Hooley, Diana (November 2018).  Go with the Flow:  Water Witching.  The Idaho Magazine.

Hooley, Diana (May 26, 2018).  Think through the long-term effects of climate change.  The Idaho Post  Register.

Hooley, Diana (December 27, 2017).  Yes, Virginia, and Idaho, there is climate change.  The Idaho Statesman.

Hooley, Diana (June 21, 2017).  Is cheat grass good or evil for the environment?  The Idaho Statesman.

Hooley, Diana (March 29, 2017).  New republican administration not fighting for Ag. The Owyhee Avalanche.

Hooley, Diana (March 19, 2017).  If migrant labor for agriculture is cut off, we’ll all be importing food instead.  The Idaho Statesman.

Hooley, Diana (Dec. 15, 2016).  Play outside—then take a nap.  The Idaho Statesman.

Hooley, Diana (Sept. 23, 2016).  Two sides to Owyhee monument proposal.  The Idaho Statesman.

Hooley, Diana (July 1, 2016).  Combat fishing.  Idaho Magazine.

Hooley, Diana (April 21, 2016).  Brokering Snake River water rights.  The Twin Falls Times-News.

Hooley, Diana (March 26, 2016).  Painful change is coming for Ag users.  The Idaho Statesman.

Hooley, Diana (Dec. 10, 2015).  Juniper now part of ‘family tree.’  The Idaho Statesman.

Hooley, Diana (Dec. 25, 2014).  May our earth find peace in these changing climate times.  The Idaho Statesman.


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