Diana Hooley has been a teacher, writer, and university professor.  With degrees in history, English and a Doctorate, she has published widely, including journal articles, newspaper columns, personal essays, as well as academic research.  She is currently writing a memoir about a death in her family growing up.  Hooley lives on a farm in Idaho with her husband, Dale.

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  1. Nice work Diana, The story about Wes just brought to mind a flood of memories of those farm families down in the homeland, The Cove, Hammett, Glenns Ferry, King Hill. The first and second generation mix of immigrant people who lived and worked together in those times. And how they all fit together in the puzzle of my life…

  2. Diana, I just read your guest opinion published in today’s Idaho Statesman (May 24). I like what you’ve written, thoughtful, insightful and eye opening regarding what the Baptists used to think about abortion. Well done.

  3. Diana, I just read your guest opinion published in today’s Idaho Statesman (May 24). Thoughtful, insightful and eye opening regarding what Baptist used to think about abortion. Well done.

  4. Diana, I just finished your article about Hammett in “Idaho Magazine” and thoroughly enjoyed it. I grew up in MH and knew most of the people you mentioned. My family has a long and rich agricultural history in Elmore and Owyhee counties. I’ve published two articles in this wonderful magazine and have published a novel (Rock Creek) about early Idaho immigrants.

    1. Thank you Dick. I like and enjoy “Idaho Magazine” too. I think I know your cousin (brother?) Bob, but not sure I’ve met you. I’ll look for “Rock Creek” on Amazon.

  5. Bob is my little brother. We were fifteen year partners on our family ranch. I met you many years ago. You bought a two-tone tan Chevy station wagon from us.

  6. Diana Hooley you and I have a lot in common. I grew up in Chicago and moved to Jackson Hole. My husband had heart surgery in SLC. I have a daughter. Politics. And more. I only discovered you today, but with each of your stories, I find another shared bit. Looking for a pen pal?

    1. Hi Sherry, I’m so happy to meet someone of like mind. We do have a lot in common if you live in another beautiful western locale, Jackson Hole. We drive through there occasionally. You are blessed. Thanks so much for reading.

  7. I was born in Il. lived in Rockford. Il moved to Rathdrum, Id,in 1976. think it”s so cool to have done this!

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